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Deodorizing with ozone treatments

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You’ve likely encountered considerable media coverage about the earth’s “ozone layer” or “ozone holes.” Such atmospheric ozone is created by the sun's ultraviolet rays and protects us from excessive ultraviolet radiation. Ozone (O3 gas) is a very unstable, potent oxidizer. You may smell the “fresh” odor after a storm – likely ozone produced by lightning discharges. Commercial ozone production is through both of these techniques -- UV and corona discharge.
In the property restoration industry, ozone gas removes odors in clothing caused from bacteria and smoke. Odorous clothing is hung on racks and exposed to ozone gas for 24-48 hours, depending on odor severity. The generator is often left outside of the room and ozone is pumped into the room through a short hose. The ozone will diffuse throughout the room although a small circulating fan will aid gas dissipation.
When ozone contacts organic compounds or bacteria, the extra atom of oxygen oxidizes the contaminant and destroys it. The byproduct of the reaction is oxygen. No harmful by products result. Ozone is a toxic gas and should not be inhaled for very long. Once American Restoration sets up the ozone generators, owners should remain out of the building until at least an hour after they are turned off. If you smell ozone, it's time to evacuate the area of life forms. Ozone decomposes rapidly and has a very short half-life. Ozone neutralizes virtually all organic odors, specifically those that contain carbon as their base element. This includes bacteria, fungus, smoke, decay and cooking odors.

Ozone-Gen-1The benefits of using ozone for restoration work are many. Smoke odor molecules that infiltrate porous surfaces can be permanently oxidized and removed. And ozone is effective on the most stubborn of all odor molecules -- protein. Odors associated with dead bodies, freezer failure have long resisted normal chemical deodorizing attempts.
Hydrogen Peroxide, mild bleach, forms when ozone is exposed to sufficient moisture, so certain textiles should be removed.


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