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Fire and Water Restoration

Restore With Confidence

Everyone understands the destruction a fire can do. Unfortunately, damage continues to accrue after the fire is extinguished. When synthetic material (common in most furniture, flooring, and appliances) is burned, complex chemical reactions are initiated which don’t stop when the fire does. Smoke-covered items can go from cleanable to unsalvageable in just a few days. Smoke residues attack surfaces and can permanently stain or change finishes and textures..

 Insurance Billing

Building Drying

You just weathered a catastrophe. And insurance companies don't typically make recovery any easier. The last thing you need to wade through is mounds of paperwork. And insurance companies usually don't make recovering from a tragedy any easier. American uses the same estimation and allowance software used by most adjusters. We know in advance how to better accommodate your goals for restoration within the confines allowable by your adjuster. We provide you and your insurance carrier with regular estimates, notifying you of changes. And we make sure your questions are answered either by our customer service representative or by the adjuster.

Fires, floods, hurricanes, rainstorms and pipe breaks can result in water damage. This damage can range from structural deterioration to biological contamination like mold and mildew. American has the proper equipment to do more than restore property structurally and cosmetically; we restore the indoor environmental quality. From equipment installation to carefully monitoring we help avoid substantial reconstruction and significantly reduce your recovery costs. Our commercial dehumidifiers evaporate water from wallboard, concrete block and wood floors. Our years of experience save you money when it comes to building drying. Sometimes we can turn a property from total devastation to normalcy in mere days.

Because of the unique behaviors of various kinds of smoke, fire damage control and restoration can be complex. Smoke’s strong pungent odor and gooey residue typically permeate cloth furnishings and walls. It flows between floors and through walls around plumbing pipes. It can be difficult to clean. The type of smoke significantly impacts the restoration process. American technicians can test your property, determine what types of smoke are involved and establish an effective strategy to salvage as many of your belongings as possible. This will eliminate needless replacements and establish the full extent of your loss.
A fire can be a very traumatic experience. Whether your entire home is a loss or you had a small kitchen fire we believe you deserve to have your home put back in its original condition as soon as possible. If an item is beyond our expertise we are in contact with people who can repair specialty items – especially antiques and electronics. It is important to clean up smoke residues in your house as quickly as possible to minimize chemical damage

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