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Severe Weather Restoration

Restore With Confidence

Water Removal, Dehumidification and Building Drying
High winds, floods, hurricanes, rainstorms and pipe breaks can result in mild to severe water damage. Such damage can range from structural deterioration to biological contamination like mold and mildew. Water makes wood swell, buckle and rot, sheetrock lose rigidity and strength, wiring corrode, metal rust, paint peel, books mold, wall coverings mildew and much more.
It’s not good for property to remain wet for long. Secondary moisture-related property degeneration can also occur when high ambient humidity acts upon undamaged areas and their contents.
American professionals can stop and reverse many of these problems through prompt implementation of deep drying techniques and ozone treatment.
First we seal off unaffected areas from those under recovery and board up damaged areas. Then, using industry-grade dehumidifiers, we remove water from wallboard, insulation, concrete block, wood floors, wood or metal studs, plaster and other structural components.
 American knows how important your property is to you. We respond quickly and start recovery immediately. Our Decades of experience and the proper equipment can significantly reduce your recovery costs -- sometimes restoring a property from total devastation in just days. Our technicians know when and where to move dehumidification equipment to reduce drying time. We install high-speed air movers to create airflow across walls, carpets, pads, and furniture, speeding evaporation. And we install ozone generators to arrest growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew and other harmful organisms.
We have the proper equipment to do more than just restore the structure and cosmetics of your damaged property -- we restore the indoor environmental quality.
Necessary repairs may then begin when the area is determined to be free of excess moisture.



Direct Insurance Billing
You just weathered a catastrophe. The last thing you need to wade through is mounds of paperwork, adjusters and lien holders. American Restoration & Construction uses the same estimation and allowance software used by most adjusters. We know in advance how to better accommodate your goals for restoration within the confines allowable by your adjuster. We provide you and your insurance carrier with regular estimates, notifying you of changes. And we make sure your questions are answered either by our customer service representative or by the adjuster..
American Restoration acts as an inter-agency intermediary, promoting timely inspections of work-in-progress, prompt payments from insurance companies, prompt transfers of insurance payments from mortgage holders, and an overall smooth transition for the home or business owner.
Let American Restoration navigate the arduous, time-intensive and often aggravating landscape of minutia between your claim and your final payment. We’ve run this landscape hundreds of times. Our helpful contacts and institutional protocol knowledge insure the proper forms are filed in the proper order to the proper people in the proper manner.
Customers can completely free themselves of the paperwork burden by allowing allow us to act directly on their behalf to the agencies involved. This frees your time and energy for the real work of full recovery while we work to get you the best restoration outcome. We want to match your current desires to the actual loss.

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