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American Restoration & Construction specializes in insurance restoration and rebuilding of residential and commercial property. If your life has been disrupted by fire, water or a tragic storm we’ll help you regain control. We’re equipped to handle anything from minor water damage to complete loss from fire.

More than a quarter century of experience lets us provide our customers with a full range of contracting. Handling your restoration project through a single contractor provides single-source accountability and continuity – both important to rapid disaster recovery. We work directly with your insurance provider to assure full benefit. Our staff is trained in use of an advanced program  for project estimation -- the same software used by most insurance companies. We can quickly resolve claim discrepancies if they arise.

We understand the emotional turmoil individuals experience following property destruction. Many suffer the sickening feeling that they will have to start “from scratch.” It’s frightening. And it is difficult to visualize how things will ever return to normal. That’s why it’s particularly important to work with a company that understands your fears as well as prospects. A professional restoration company should become involved immediately following a disaster. They know what steps will best mitigate further damage to structures and contents. Services such as board-up, water extraction and pre-cleaning may avoid considerable expense which can be put to better use. Don’t wait for more damage to incur -- call us. We’re professional yet friendly; efficient yet courteous. And rest assured we’ll respond to your smallest concerns. American is here to help!

Restoration is an emergency business. It is important to immediately secure the damaged property through precautions such as board-up, tarping, water extraction and pre-cleaning. That's why we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From sump pumps to tarps, we have you covered. Claims increase substantially if further action isn’t taken within 72 hours to contain damage and mitigate the onset of mold and mildew. If the damage involves leaked sewage, additional steps must be quickly taken to prevent severe bacterial hazards. American Restoration & Construction provides emergency water/sewage extraction, dehumidification, ozone generation and rapid cleanup -- important steps to securing property from further damage.

loading,,,, Cleaning up after catastrophic fire or water damage can be more than unsettling– it can be dangerous and errors can be costly. Even the most accomplished DIY homeowner should have such work performed by a professional contractor.
American Restoration & Construction professionals know how to stabilize a crisis to prevent additional structural damage and long-term health hazards. We know that proper handling of your personal property and a timely response results in long-term savings and the prevention of dangerous contamination, mold and bacteria that could endanger your household for many years to come.
After securing your property, an American recovery professional will carefully document your damage with still and video equipment and discuss with you several options for recovery. Some may appeal to your aspirations; others, your pocketbook. Through consultation, you may discover opportunities to upgrade. If upgrades are attractive, it is often prudent to accomplish them during the restoration process. And often they can be accomplished through change-orders at little or no extra cost. You can count on American professionals for sound advice.

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